Invitation to Write (w/c 19th September)

Last week we learned about similes in literacy. Can you write a short descriptive paragraph about the picture below using at least three similes. Think about the five senses!

Image result for dark mystical


Weekly Round Up (w/c 12th Sept)

What a busy start to the year with our first full week of term! We have been working hard in 5SL!

In Maths we are working on Place Value at the moment. We looked specifically at numbers with up to 6 digits. We worked on identifying what each digit in the number signified and used our knowledge to order and compare different numbers. Next week we will continue with Place Value but will be looking at rounding numbers and looking at negative numbers, counting through zero.

In Literacy we have started to read the Iron Man. We will be using this book over the coming weeks to inspire our Literacy. Using Ted Hughes’ wonderful description of the Iron Man as having a head ‘shaped like a dustbin but as big as a bedroom’; we used this as a starting point to start writing similes of our own to describe other parts of his body. We also put ourselves in the shoes of a seagull watching the Iron Man rebuild himself after walking off a cliff. We thought how we could describe how the seagull might be feeling in recounts that we wrote.

We have started our project on the History of our Local Area, looking at maps from over a hundred years ago and making observations on how Herne Hill has changed over time. This week we will take a history walk around the local area of the school to add to our observations.

In Art we finished some beautiful posters to decorate our classroom which show our school values. I hope you get the opportunity to come and see them soon!

What a busy week and productive week! Here’s to many more like it!

Miss Lezameta

Parents’ Evening – Reminder

Dear Parents and Carers,

Just a reminder that we have presentations to parents this evening. The sessions will start at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm. Please come along to any of them; it would be great to see you there to talk to you about what we will be doing this year and answer any questions you may have. The Year 5 sessions will be held in 5CV which is just next door to 5SL, off the hall.

I look forward to seeing you then,

Miss Lezameta



Just a reminder that we will be doing PE on Wednesdays this year.

Please make sure that the children have a full PE kit. The PE kit should be a white T-shirt (a Rosendale one if possible), dark shorts or jogging bottoms and trainers.

Any questions, please let me know.


Miss Lezameta


Here’s a photo as an example!


Welcome back!

Welcome to Year 5 everybody!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing you all and beginning our journey together on Wednesday.

We’ve got lots of great activities in store for our first few days, so I’m excited to meet you all again and get started!

See you soon!

Miss Lezameta