Cancer Research Race for Life: Friday 3rd February

We are very excited about our Race for Life fundraising event which is taking place next Friday. All children will be able to run, walk or jog to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. Your child should have received a sponsorship form or you can pick one up from the school office or use the one attached below. If you would like to donate online, please visit . Please remember to quote Rosendale’s Unique Reference Number (URN) 441775131 in your donation.

Cancer Research also collect donated household goods (men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, accessories including shoes, belts, handbags and jewellery, quality homeware – anything from cushions to crockery, linens, Books, CDs, DVDs, old mobile phones and used printer cartridges. With each bag collected worth £25, have a clearout this weekend and bring in any unwanted items to the school office, where we will bag it up and send it off.

Thank you

Rosendale Cancer Research Sponsor Form.pdf


Weekly Roundup

Another busy week for year 5! This week, we spent a lot of time learning about Chinese New Year and all of its traditions. The class learned how to do Chinese calligraphy using traditional tools and ink made of coal. We also learned how to use chop sticks properly so that on Tuesday, when we get to Chinatown, we can all celebrate using chopsticks! During our whole school assembly we got a special treat! Some of the members of our class wrote a rap song in both English and Mandarin and made a music video for it! A few of us also got interviewed about what we knew (or didn’t know) about Chinese New Year. Our very own celebrities! I have attached the links to the videos at the bottom of this post. You can also find them, and more pictures from this weeks festivities, on the Mandarin blog.

In maths, we have continued our work with fractions. We learned how to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers this week. Next week, we will continue with adding and subtracting, expanding on what we have learned.

In English, we have continued our work with the Unforgotten Coat. This week we wrote in the perspective of the main character, retelling a critical moment in the book. We had to write in the past tense and use lots of emotion to retell exactly what was happening.

In our project topic of Ancient Egypt, we have been looking at maps and the Nile River. We learned where Egypt was in the world and where it belongs on a map. We also were able to find some really cool landmarks in Egypt on Google Maps. We learned that the Nile River is the longest river in the world (approximately 6,800 km). Longer in fact, than the distance from Rosendale Primary School to Toronto, Canada where I am from! That distance is ONLY 5,700 km!

Next week will be super exciting as we have TWO trips in a row! How lucky! Monday we are off to the British Museum to further explore our topic on Ancient Egypt and have a look at all of the great artifacts the museum has. On Tuesday, we will be heading to Chinatown to practice Mandarin, our chopstick skills and enjoy a delicious lunch! A special thanks to all of our parent volunteers!

Have a great weekend! See you next week! 🙂

Trip Letters Sent Home

The children in 5GR have an exciting week coming up! A letter has been sent home today outlining another trip. This one is to The British Museum on Monday January 30. The trip will give us an opportunity to explore the Egyptian Galleries, which will help us in our learning of our project topic this term on Ancient Egypt.

There is no cost for the trip as we will be taking public transport to get there.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Trip Letter

The year five classes have a very exciting opportunity to celebrate Chinese New Year. The entire year will be going to Chinatown to have a wonderful Chinese lunch in a restaurant, and will be interviewing local shop keepers in order to practice their Mandarin. The trip will be taking place in Tuesday January 31. Letters went home today detailing the trip. Please fill them in and send them back to school with your child. If you are available to assist on the trip, please let us know.
It should be a really fun and exciting day!

Weekly Roundup

What a busy week we have had in 5GR! I would firstly like to congratulate the entire class on working really hard on their timestables! We did the 7 timestables this week (which, we all know, can be very tricky) and there was not a score below 18/20! So well done! Let’s keep up the good work!

In maths, we have continued our work with fractions. We have been learning to convert improper fractions (ex: 9/4) into mixed numbers (ex: 2 1/4) and mixed numbers into improper fractions. We have also done some problem solving using the skills we have learnt. It can be very tricky, but everyone has been trying really hard to learn!

In English, we have continued our work with our new book "The Unforgotten Coat." Two of the characters come from Mongolia, so we have been busy creating a non-chronological report on Mongolia so we can have a better idea about where they come from.

We also started our new segment on Ancient Egypt. We learned about history and what makes a good historical source. We also did some work with timelines to help us realize how long ago the Ancient Egyptians lived (3500 BC-30BC).

Next week, we will continue with fractions and The Unforgotten Coat.

Have a great weekend 🙂

Miss. Griscti