Weekly Roundup

The week started off great with TWO trips in a row! Lucky us!

On Monday we all went to the British Museum to explore the Egyptian galleries. The overall fan favourite part of the trip was all of the mummies! We all got to look at tons of mummies, jewelry, hieroglyphs, statues and items the Ancient Egyptians used in everyday life. It was truly quite fascinating!

On Tuesday the entire year group were lucky enough to go to Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year. We enjoyed a walk through Trafalgar Square and into Chinatown where we had the opportunity to explore a Chinese Book Store. Some of us saw some favourites written in Chinese like Harry Potter! While we were there, we interviewed the shopkeepers to practice our Mandarin language skills. Afterward, we all enjoyed a massive and delicious lunch of traditional Chinese food! It was really tasty!

In maths this week, we learned how to multiply fractions by whole numbers and we also used our knowledge of adding and subtracting to practice our problem solving and reasoning skills.

In English, we finished our book “The Unforgotten Coat.” We learned that the two boys with the coats were actually refugees from Mongolia. We have discussed what refugees are and have started to plan a story that we will write next week about a refugee who comes to a class and how we would react.

In project we talked about the gods the Ancient Egyptians believed in and we will be making our own comics next week!

We have also started learning how to draw portraits of people and will continue with this the next few weeks, so that eventually, we will have made beautiful water coloured painted portraits of someone important to us.

Have a great weekend!


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